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A 100-day Agenda to Reunite America

After four years of a president who has deliberately tried to divide Americans, the United States can and must find common purpose to address its many challenges. Assuming voters have had enough of Donald Trump, the next US president can take several early steps to achieve this goal.

JACKSON HOLE – Four years ago, US President Donald Trump looked out at America – and the American people – and saw nothing but carnage. He saw hopelessness and despair, then delivered more of it.

What any normal person looking at America would see today is courage – breathtaking, almost unimaginable courage: the courage of nurses and doctors fighting an insidious, invisible enemy; the courage of young and old, black and white demanding equal treatment by the law and before the law; the courage of the men and women in our military, our FBI, and our intelligence services defending our nation with the devotion they have always shown, even under a president who takes the word of Russia’s Vladimir Putin over theirs. Here is the very best of America, and Trump is blind to it.

For a nation looking for hope four years ago, our elected president offered only contempt. Contempt for our institutions. Contempt for our democracy and the idea that opposition is not treason. Contempt even for the norms of civil behavior.

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