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How the Sino-American Rivalry Is Reshaping the World Order

We are entering a period of deteriorating US-China relations, with each side backed by its own allies and operating in its own international forums. While the precise impact of the changing geopolitical balance remains unknown, it is clearly becoming an impediment to addressing humanity’s most pressing problems.

WASHINGTON, DC – Tensions between the United States and China continue to flare, even as Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and several other senior US officials visit the country for talks. The two sides may disagree on most things, but maintaining dialogue is an essential part of geopolitics. The breakdown in communication last year, following visits to Taiwan by prominent American politicians and the US downing of a Chinese spy balloon, was dangerous and destabilizing, because when adversaries do not engage, misperceptions – and the risk of a clash – mount.