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Sharing Project Syndicate is very rewarding

By participating in our referral program and sharing Project Syndicate with your friends, you can save them money, while earning valuable rewards. Here's how it works: Whenever you're logged in to the Project Syndicate website, any link you share across the web will be automatically appended with a unique referral code. When someone you've shared the link with clicks on it and then registers an account or purchases a subscription, you earn benefit points, which can be used to offset a purchase or subscription payment or to help defray costs for readers in developing countries.

  1. Share

    Share Project Syndicate with your friends and do good by doing well. Use any of the social share icons or the “email to a friend” functionality to share PS content. You will earn points, and your friends will receive a 50% discount when they subscribe.

    Log in

    Please log in to share your referral code.

  2. Earn

    When someone comes to our website via a link you shared and registers an account or makes a purchase, you earn points:

    • 10 For sharing on social media
    • 50 For a registered account
    • 1,000 For a subscription purchased
  3. Spend

    There are four ways to redeem your benefit points on our site. You may use them to 1) make a purchase in THE PS STORE, 2) offset a subscription payment, 3) make a donation in support of Project Syndicate, or 4) exchange points for cash.

    • MagazineMockup2019

      Make a purchase at the PS Store

      A subscription, a magazine or give a gift.

      1,000 points = $10

    • Responsive-showcase-presentation2

      Offset a future Subscription payment

      If you already have a PS subscription, you can use your points to offset your next subscription payment.

      1,000 points = $10

    • celebration-ribbon-surprise-260184

      Make a donation to PS

      Donate your points in support of Project Syndicate’s mission.

    • cash-collection-currency-47344

      Get Cash Back

      Want money in your wallet? For every 1,000 points $1 will be deposited into your account.

      1,000 points = $1

Questions? Check our FAQs. Terms & Conditions apply.

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