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op_yi2_PEDRO PARDOAFP via Getty Images_chinahousing Pedro Pardo/AFP via Getty Images

A Chinese Bubble Long in the Making

Yi Fuxian

The Chinese government is very good at covering up small problems, but these often pile up into much bigger ones that can no longer be ignored. The current real-estate bubble is a case in point, casting serious doubts not just on the wisdom of past policies but also on China's long-term economic future.

traces the long roots of the country's mounting economic and financial problems.
  1. ilango1_Getty Images_esg Getty Images

    Financing Our Survival

    Vera Songwe explains what it will take to mobilize capital for the net-zero transition worldwide.
  2. op_edwards1_Serge PlantureuxCorbis via Getty Images_allende Serge Plantureux/Corbis via Getty Images

    Chile’s 9/11, Fifty Years Later

    Sebastián Edwards offers a chronicle of the military coup and its morally complicated economic legacy.
  3. palacio140_Getty Images_AI Getty Images

    Whose AI Revolution?

    Anu Bradford refutes the argument that democratic governments cannot regulate artificial intelligence effectively.
  4. op_janeway14_DrAfter123Getty Images_AIsociety DrAfter123/Getty Images

    The Political Economy of Technology

    William H. Janeway considers the impact of technical advances and political power on socioeconomic outcomes over two centuries.
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  6. op_yhuang1_DALE DE LA REYAFP via Getty Images_hongkongstockexchange Dale de la Rey/AFP via Getty Images

    How to Kill Chinese Dynamism

    Yasheng Huang thinks many have underestimated the key role that Hong Kong previously played in the country's growth story.
  7. op_livingston3_Kevin DietschGetty Images_joshhawley Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

    Men Overboard

    James Livingston explores the unspoken tragedy at the heart of conservatives' fixation on defending patriarchy.
  8. op_james4_Fine Art ImagesHeritage ImagesGetty Images_1848Frenchrevolution Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images

    The First Polycrisis

    Harold James considers important parallels between the world today and the European revolutions of 1848.
  9. op_ignatieff2_Heinrich Hoffmannullstein bild via Getty Images_HitlerPetain Heinrich Hoffmannullstein bild via Getty Images

    The Question of Collaboration

    Michael Ignatieff asks what those who cooperated with the enemy in World War II reveal about those who behave similarly today.
  10. op_janeway13_GeorgePetersGetty Images_questionmarkeconomy GeorgePeters/Getty Images

    What to Do About Radical Uncertainty

    William H. Janeway describes three approaches to managing the unknowable in markets that demand both efficiency and innovation.
  11. norrlof1_William Potter_Getty Images William_Potter/Getty Images

    Currency, Conflict, and Global Order

    Carla Norrlöf identifies a key problem with predictions of the demise of the US dollar’s global hegemony.
  12. op_yi1_WANG ZHAOAFP via Getty Images_chinaelderlyold Wang Zhao/AFP via Getty Images

    The Long Reach of China’s Demographic Destiny

    Yi Fuxian traces the major economic and strategic developments of recent years back to the one-child policy.
  13. admiller1_Omar Haj KadourAFP via Getty Images OMAR HAJ KADOUR/AFP via Getty Images

    The New-Old Middle East

    Aaron David Miller offers an overview of the region's evolving geopolitical dynamics in response to US disengagement.

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