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Daniel Gros

Daniel Gros

Writing for PS since 2005
164 commentaries

Daniel Gros is a member of the board and a distinguished fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies. 

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  1. How Europe Can Manage Without Russian Gas
    gros166_ODD ANDERSENAFP via Getty Images_nord stream 1 ODD ANDERSEN/AFP via Getty Images

    How Europe Can Manage Without Russian Gas

    Sep 8, 2022 Daniel Gros explains why policymakers should create incentives for energy savings instead of trying to control prices.

  2. Russian Gas Cuts Will Not Kill the German Economy
    gros165_Sean GallupGetty Images_germanynaturalgas Sean Gallup/Getty Images

    Russian Gas Cuts Will Not Kill the German Economy

    Aug 9, 2022 Daniel Gros shows that the data do not support the current gloomy narrative about the country’s prospects.

  3. An Inflation-Adjusted Social Contract for Europe
    gros164_ INA FASSBENDERAFP via Getty Images_oil price shock INA FASSBENDER/AFP via Getty Images

    An Inflation-Adjusted Social Contract for Europe

    Jul 8, 2022 Daniel Gros shows why, despite soaring energy costs, the eurozone is not facing a 1970s-style wage-price spiral.

  4. Will Europe’s Embargo on Russian Oil Succeed?
    gros163_LOIC VENANCEAFP via Getty Images_russian oil tanker LOIC VENANCE/AFP via Getty Images

    Will Europe’s Embargo on Russian Oil Succeed?

    Jun 6, 2022 Daniel Gros explains why it is not in Western countries’ power to cut off the Kremlin’s most important revenue source.

  5. Europe’s Gas Conundrum
    gros162_SEBASTIEN SALOM-GOMISAFP via Getty Images_LNGtanker Sebastien Salom-Gomis/AFP via Getty Images

    Europe’s Gas Conundrum

    May 6, 2022 Daniel Gros shows why Europe’s embargo of Russian oil will have little impact on Vladimir Putin’s war budget.

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  1. signe10_ISSOUF SANOGOAFP via Getty Images_africatextilemanufacturing Issouf Sanogo/AFP via Getty Images

    The Key to Unlocking Africa’s Economic Potential

    Landry Signé explains why fostering trade integration and regional value chains is essential for the continent to prosper.
  2. james196_Michael M. SantiagoGetty Images_unitednations Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

    Geopolitical Davids and Goliaths

    Harold James considers lessons from smaller countries about how to wield power and influence in the twenty-first century.
  3. barroso10_MAMYRAELAFP via Getty Images_covax MAMYRAEL/AFP via Getty Images

    Preparing for the Next Global Catastrophe

    José Manuel Barroso explains why global leaders must focus on creating equitable response mechanisms ahead of the next crisis.
  4. bergamaschi2_ ALBERTO PIZZOLIAFP via Getty Images_heatwave italu ALBERTO PIZZOLI/AFP via Getty Images

    Italy’s Next Government Must Tackle Climate Security

    Luca Bergamaschi shows why the country’s politicians can no longer afford to ignore a major threat to national security.
  5. Tubiana13_Getty Images Getty Images

    Europe and the New Non-Alignment

    Laurence Tubiana

    Despite the massive civilian suffering in Ukraine, many countries have been wary of taking sides, owing both to a perception of European double standards and to Russia’s leverage over energy and commodity prices. But while new geopolitical dynamics have complicated climate advocacy, they certainly haven't derailed it.

    sees both challenges and opportunities for climate policy in an era of geopolitical fragmentation.
  6. cliffe7_ EDUARDO SOTERASAFP via Getty Images_drought eastern africa EDUARDO SOTERAS/AFP via Getty Images

    The Sting of Climate Risk Is in the Tails

    Mark Cliffe thinks conventional models have overemphasized the long term at the expense of more immediate threats.
  7. agar7_Getty Images_ai teacher Getty Images

    Should Humanities Professors Be Automated?

    Nicholas Agar considers the implications of recent successes with AI-generated academic research and writing.
  8. GettyImages-1242343947 SOPA Images / Contributor via Getty Images

    Should Energy Companies’ Windfall Profits Be Taxed?

    Imposing a one-off tax on energy companies’ extraordinary profits might seem like a no-brainer at a time of soaring inflation, but the idea has more than a few detractors. As policymakers in a growing number of economies move ahead, we asked PS commentators whether they are right to do so.

  9. solana145_Nathan PosnerAnadolu Agency via Getty Images_biden Nathan Posner/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

    The Global Necessity of American Democracy

    Javier Solana shows why the political health of the United States has become a matter of global concern.

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