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Michael O’Sullivan

Michael O’Sullivan

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Michael O’Sullivan is Chief Investment Officer in the International Wealth Management Division at Credit Suisse.

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  1. From Great Britain to Little England?
    Theresa May Article 50 Christopher Furlong/WPA Pool/Getty Images

    From Great Britain to Little England?

    Mar 29, 2017 Michael O’Sullivan & David Skilling suggest that the United Kingdom take lessons from other small economies to soften the Brexit blow.

  2. Small Countries’ Big Successes
    Catalonia Scotland Independence Miquel Benitez/Flickr

    Small Countries’ Big Successes

    Sep 19, 2014 Michael O’Sullivan & Stefano Natella ask why small countries are disproportionately prosperous.

  3. Europe’s Litmus Test
    pa3682c.jpg Paul Lachine

    Europe’s Litmus Test

    May 30, 2014 Michael O’Sullivan & Eleni Panagiotarea argue that the experiences of Greece and Ireland will guide the EU's development.

  4. Ireland’s Model Crisis

    Ireland’s Model Crisis

    Dec 18, 2013 Michael O’Sullivan says that other peripheral eurozone countries cannot replicate Ireland's recent economic upturn – nor should they want to.

  1. qian22_ANATOLII STEPANOVAFP via Getty Images_ukraine wheat ANATOLII STEPANOV/AFP via Getty Images

    The Food Crisis Is Bigger Than Ukraine

    Nancy Qian thinks the headlines attributing shortages to Russia’s war are ignoring a raft of other factors.
  2. ibond2_FREDERICK FLORINAFP via Getty Images_EUmilitary Frederick Florin/AFP via Getty Images

    How to Boost NATO-EU Cooperation

    Ian Bond & Luigi Scazzieri propose ways the two organizations should work together to counter the increased Russian security threat.
  3. fedder1_ DIMITAR DILKOFFAFP via Getty Images_ukraine destruction DIMITAR DILKOFF/AFP via Getty Images

    Innovative Finance Can Help Rebuild Ukraine

    Marcus Fedder proposes two creative and recently proven methods for partly bridging the country’s postwar funding gap.
  4. op_tymoshenko1_Chris McGrathKeystoneGetty Images Chris McGrath/Keystone/Getty Images
    Free to read

    The Roots of Resistance

    Yuliya Tymoshenko

    An underground war is erupting in Ukraine's occupied cities, towns, and villages, as artillery duels between Ukrainian forces and Russia’s much larger army transform the Donbas into a wasteland. 

    As the war drags on, the history of armed resistance to Nazi occupation of Europe during World War II now reads like a prophecy of the partisan war under way.

    draws a direct line from Europe's anti-Nazi underground armies of World War II to Ukraine's partisan war today.
  5. krueger54_ Anna MoneymakerGetty Images_CHIPS Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

    American CHIPS Off the Chinese Block

    Anne O. Krueger

    America's world-leading semiconductor industry is a testament to the advantages a competitive market economy has over a command economy like China. But now that the United States has gotten into the business of favoring some producers over others, it is setting the industry up for chronic under-performance.

    worries that a new $52 billion subsidy program will undermine competition and innovation in a key industry.
  6. khrushcheva156_ Alex WongGetty Images_liz cheney defeat Alex Wong/Getty Images

    The Republican God That Failed

    Nina L. Khrushcheva

    After losing the Republican primary, and thus her US House seat, Liz Cheney announced the formation of a new political action committee and suggested that she might run for president, all part of her effort to keep Donald Trump out of the White House. She is channeling the oppositional zeal that political disillusion often fuels.

    considers the implications of Liz Cheney’s primary loss for the GOP and American democracy.
  7. korkmaz1_Burak KaraGetty Images_chp leader opposition Burak Kara/Getty Images

    A Turkish Playbook for Fighting Populism

    Seren Selvin Korkmaz shows how an opposition alliance is threatening President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s autocratic rule.
  8. patten144_Charles McQuillanGetty Images_sunaktruss Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

    Brexit Britain Confronts Reality

    Chris Patten

    Britons must look at themselves calmly and honestly, recognizing the tough times that lie ahead and the changes needed to get the country back on track. Unfortunately, the country's political leaders remain unwilling to treat voters like grown-ups.

    holds out little hope that political leaders will offer voters an honest assessment of the country’s problems.
  9. container sunset Suriyapong Thongsawang/Getty Images

    The Post-Global Economy

    Many argue that the combined effects of the 2008 global financial crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, Sino-American decoupling, and Russia’s war against Ukraine have dealt an irreversible blow to three decades of open trade and burgeoning supply chains. How should policymakers and businesses respond to the apparent demise of globalization, and what new paradigm might replace it?

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