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  • Anticipations of a hotter world have brought the issues of adaptation and climate justice to the fore. How can public policy, finance, and technology be leveraged to protect vulnerable communities in a dangerously warmer world?

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    1. Greene2_getty images Getty Images

      Why Central Banking Must Go Green

      Megan Greene

      Given the scale of the economic and financial risks posed by climate change, central banks simply cannot ignore the issue. Their own price-stability mandates demand that they start playing an active role in pushing the private sector and the broader economy toward decarbonization and greater climate resilience.

      shows that maintaining price stability demands active engagement in the transition to carbon neutrality.
    2. Landers2_getty images Getty Images

      A World of Dangerous Debt Limbo

      Clemence Landers & Nancy Birdsall explain what needs to be done to prevent developing-country debt problems from spiraling out of control.
    3. Malik2_getty images

      A Tale of Two Middle Easts

      Adeel Malik shows how surging commodity prices have had sharply different effects across the region.
    4. Sarr1_Getty Images Getty Images

      We Didn't Start the Fire

      Madeleine Diouf Sarr explains what the high emitters owe to least-developed countries on the front lines of the climate crisis.
    5. Sturgeon1_Getty Images Getty Images

      The Rich World Must Act with Solidarity on Loss and Damage

      Nicola Sturgeon urges other advanced-economy governments to see aside additional funds for irreparable climate-driven harms.
    6. Chinchilla4_Getty Images Getty Images

      The Varieties of Climate Inequality

      Laura Chinchilla Miranda shows how climate change disproportionately disadvantages the already disadvantaged.
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    8. Ibrahim12_Getty Images Getty Images

      What Climate Justice Means for Africa

      Mo Ibrahim shows how the international community is ignoring the continent's unique interests and constraints.
    9. Jyu1_Getty Images Getty Images

      Climate Justice with Chinese Characteristics?

      Yu Jie explains what it will take for the country's new foreign sustainable-development initiative to succeed.
    10. Nasheed2_Getty Images Getty Images

      Will We Prosper, or Will We Disappear?

      Mohamed Nasheed explains what the international community must do to support climate-vulnerable developing countries.
    11. Yeo1_Getty Images Getty Images

      Taking Climate Change to the Top Court

      Solomon Yeo & Vishal Prasad argue that an International Court of Justice advisory opinion would strengthen the fight against global warming.
    12. Miliband10_Getty Images Getty Images

      Where Humanitarianism and Environmentalism Meet

      David Miliband explains why advocacy for people and for the environment should be more closely integrated.
    13. Tubiana13_Getty Images Getty Images

      Europe and the New Non-Alignment

      Laurence Tubiana

      Although these are not auspicious times for multilateralism, that is no excuse for Europe's climate-oriented investments, diplomacy, and international aid to fall by the wayside. If anything, a climate-focused strategy can serve all of the bloc's primary objectives simultaneously.

      sees both challenges and opportunities for climate policy in an era of geopolitical fragmentation.

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