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  • Despite global emissions continuing to rise, scientists and some climate leaders insist that we can still keep the Paris climate agreement alive and limit global warming to 1.5°C. Doing so, however, will require an unprecedented deployment of new technologies, infrastructure, and financing on a global scale – starting immediately.

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    1. sahm1_Jeff Fusco-Getty Images Jeff Fusco/Getty Images

      The Other Game in Town

      Claudia Sahm dispenses with the widely held view that central banks alone are "in charge" of addressing price stability.
    2. yergin6_Jung Getty_Getty Images Jung Getty/Getty Images

      The Age of Big Shovels

      Daniel Yergin explains why demand will outstrip supply in the global push for net-zero emissions by mid-century.
    3. nooruddin1_DANIEL SLIM-AFP via Getty Images DANIEL SLIM/AFP via Getty Images

      The Truth About “India’s Moment”

      Irfan Nooruddin thinks the West has failed to get a proper read on the object of its latest strategic courtship.
    4. Louvre in Paris, France.

      Paris and the Fate of the Earth

      Peter Singer urges climate negotiators to back radical changes – including some easy ones – to save the planet.
    5. neo1_MARTIN BERNETTI-AFP via Getty Images MARTIN BERNETTI/AFP via Getty Images

      Transforming Systems for Sustainability

      Neo Gim Huay highlights key principles for transforming food systems, energy use, and infrastructure.
    6. whitehouse4

      Climate Systemic Risks Are Mounting

      Sheldon Whitehouse warns that the economic costs of global warming extend far beyond those associated with natural disasters.
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    8. xia2_Xinhua-Pang Xinglei via Getty Images Xinhua/Pang Xinglei via Getty Images

      The China Factor

      Lucie Qian Xia explains why the country is well positioned to lead the world in the transition to a net-zero economy.
    9. wieners1_illustration

      The Geoengineering Question

      Claudia Wieners, et al. urge policymakers to encourage the balanced study of technologies that could block the sun’s rays.
    10. banda4_YASUYOSHI CHIBA-AFP via Getty Images YASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP via Getty Images

      Keeping Climate Justice Alive

      Joyce Banda explains why advanced economies must do more to finance adaptation and resilience in poor countries.
    11. ilango1_Getty Images_esg Getty Images

      Financing Our Survival

      Vera Songwe explains what it will take to mobilize capital for the net-zero transition worldwide.
    12. boccaletti13_China Photos-Getty Images China Photos/Getty Images

      Chasing Water Security

      Giulio Boccaletti argues that providing this critical public good requires rediscovering the development lessons of the past.
    13. whatley19_Getty Images Getty Images

      Is AI a Climate Game-Changer?

      Nicholas Agar, et al. consider what role the technology could play in humanity's response to the climate crisis.

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