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  • The year 2022 was one of grim and grisly returns: the return of major war – and nuclear brinkmanship – to Europe; the return of high inflation and the threat of stagflation globally; and the return of famine, dire poverty, and other problems against which the developing world had been making steady progress. With all these developments poised to continue, the question now is whether solutions will be found to counter the forces of discord and disintegration.

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    1. khrushcheva160_Getty Imaes Contributor/Getty Images

      War and Populism

      Nina L. Khrushcheva shows how an increasingly transactional approach to democracy enables crimes like the Ukraine war.
    2. stiglitz311_Win McNamee_Getty Images Win McNamee/Getty Images

      The Road to Fascism

      Joseph E. Stiglitz fears that economic policymakers will make a bad global situation worse, sowing the seeds of resentment.
    3. javorcik1_ Ritesh Shukla_Getty Images Ritesh Shukla/Getty Images

      The Fog of Waronomics

      Beata Javorcik shows why even emergency economic policies should be assessed in terms of their longer-term effects.
    4. koike85_Yawar Nazir_Getty Images Yawar Nazir/Getty Images

      The Ukraine War and Asian Security

      Yuriko Koike hopes that Russian aggression spurs Asian leaders to consider their own region's vulnerabilities.
    5. baerbock1_Michael M. Santiago_Getty Images Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

      United for Humanity

      Annalena Baerbock says that solidarity – with Ukraine, with the planet, and with women – must define the coming year.
    6. yellen1_ BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI_AFP_via Getty Images BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP_via Getty Images

      Resilient Trade

      Janet L. Yellen explains why reaping the benefits of comparative advantage can no longer be policymakers' only concern.
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    8. schmidt5_CFOTO_Future Publishing via Getty Images CFOTO/Future Publishing via Getty Images

      The Global Struggle for Tech Mastery

      Eric Schmidt identifies the main lessons for the world's democracies after a year geopolitical turmoil.
    9. deaton16_Spencer Platt_Getty Images Spencer Platt/Getty Images

      Is Economic Failure an Economics Failure?

      Angus Deaton considers the discipline's responsibility for contemporary social and political ills.
    10. fofack12_YOSHIKAZU TSUNO_AFP via Getty Images YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP via Getty Images

      The Silver Tsunami

      Hippolyte Fofack highlights global demographic trends that will have profound near- and long-term economic implications.
    11. indrawati13_AZWAR IPANK_AFP via Getty Images AZWAR IPANK/AFP via Getty Images

      Navigating Economic Perfect Storms

      Sri Mulyani Indrawati explains how Indonesia has maintained strong growth amid deteriorating global conditions.
    12. ocampo51_ ISHARA S. KODIKARA_AFP via Getty Images ISHARA S. KODIKARA/AFP via Getty Images

      A Pandemic of Debt

      José Antonio Ocampo proposes several ways to help struggling low- and middle-income countries avoid insolvency.
    13. reinhart47_ MANDEL NGAN_AFP via Getty Images MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

      Will Central Banks Do What It Takes?

      Carmen M. Reinhart warns that the risks associated with monetary tightening extend well beyond recession.

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