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Mark Leonard

Mark Leonard

Writing for PS since 2004
72 commentaries
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Mark Leonard is Director of the European Council on Foreign Relations and the author of The Age of Unpeace: How Connectivity Causes Conflict (Bantam Press, 2021).

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  1. The Connectivity War
    leonard72_MAXIM GUCHEKBELTAAFP via Getty Image_belaruspolandmigrantcrisis Maxim Guchekbelta/AFP via Getty Images

    The Connectivity War

    Dec 1, 2021 Mark Leonard describes how globalization and connectivity offer new means for engaging in conflict, as the recent migration crises demonstrate all too clearly.

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  1. roubini160_Spencer PlattGetty Images_stock market Spencer PlattGetty Images

    Inflation Will Hurt Both Stocks and Bonds

    Nouriel Roubini

    The longstanding negative correlation between stock and bond prices is an artifact of the low-inflation environment of the past 30 years. If inflation and inflation expectations continue to rise, investors will have to rethink their portfolio strategies to hedge against the risk of massive future losses.

    shows why the hedging strategies of the past three decades may no longer make much sense.

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