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The UK’s Upcoming Election and Its Consequences

The United Kingdom’s general election, which is expected to take place later this year, offers the country a unique opportunity to mitigate some of the damage caused by Brexit. Crucially, the UK must avoid the pitfalls of mindless right-wing populism.

LONDON – Dozens of developed and developing countries, representing half of the world’s population, are set to hold or have already held elections in 2024. While the outcome of some races may seem predetermined, the upcoming elections in the United States and India, as well as Taiwan’s recent presidential election, will have far-reaching global implications, regardless of who wins.

For the world’s liberal democracies, the most consequential of these races is undoubtedly November’s US presidential election. Regrettably, it is possible, perhaps even likely, that American voters will elect former President Donald Trump. Given that Trump has shown no regard for the rule of law and prefers the company of autocratic leaders to that of democratically elected ones, free societies around the world will anxiously await the results. Many will be praying for President Joe Biden to win.

Another critical election, at least for Europe, will be the United Kingdom’s upcoming general election, which is expected to take place sometime in the second half of this year. With a 20% lead in the polls, the opposition Labour Party is the clear frontrunner. Given the country’s political dysfunction, however, it remains to be seen whether Labour will be able to implement its economic-policy agenda.