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America Must Lead on Crypto Regulation

To maintain its position as a global rule-maker and avoid becoming a rule-taker, the United States must use the coming year to promote clarity and confidence in the digital-asset market. The US faces three potential paths to maintaining its competitive edge in crypto: regulation, legislation, and designation.

WASHINGTON, DC – In contrast to 2022, a disastrous year for digital-asset markets, 2023 was characterized by aggressive regulatory action and positive market developments. The recent settlement between US regulators and Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, is poised to improve trust, transparency, and accountability throughout the market. Meanwhile, most global financial centers have introduced clear regulations for the crypto industry.

Despite this progress, the United States risks becoming an outlier if it does not establish new rules in 2024. Policymakers can choose among three potential paths to managing risks and opportunities in the crypto market: regulation, legislation, and designation.

Two years ago, US President Joe Biden took a huge step toward providing regulatory clarity by issuing his Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets. Since then, however, legislative attempts have stalled, and the US has fallen behind other countries in regulating the sector, despite the fact that virtually all digital assets are priced in dollars.