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  1. goldberg11_Paula BronsteinGetty Images_afghanistanwoman Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

    Afghanistan's Forsaken Women

    Pinelopi Koujianou Goldberg

    Of all the tragedies witnessed so far this decade, none may be worse than the one now facing the 19 million women in Afghanistan. If the country's Taliban regime is serious about fostering economic development, it must uphold its promise to respect women's rights.

    worries that the limited legal gains made over the past 20 years will be reversed.
  1. russia apples Erik Romanenko\TASS via Getty Images
    Subscriber Exclusive

    The Coming Food Fight

    The COVID-19 pandemic has caused hunger to spike, highlighting the need for radical reforms of the global food system to ensure its long-term resilience. But many fear that the United Nations Food Systems Summit on September 23 will entrench the current inequitable status quo instead of delivering real change.

  2. skidelsky168_Cate GillonGetty Images_bank of england Cate GillonGetty Images

    Where Has All the Money Gone?

    Robert Skidelsky

    Quantitative easing risks generating its own boom-and-bust cycles, and can thus be seen as an example of state-created financial instability. Governments must now abandon the fiction that central banks create money independently from government, and must themselves spend the money created at their behest.

    explains why a decade of quantitative easing by central banks has merely fueled financial instability.

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